Caruso’s Total Sleep is a complex, herbal formula for people experiencing poor sleep. It contains Valerian, Hops, Withania and Chamomile. Valerian, has a long history of use as a Medicine in both Traditional Chinese Medicines and Traditional European Medicine. Valerian root has been helping people with sleep and mild anxiety related challenges for thousands of years. It has primarily been used traditionally to help relieve nervousness and as a sleep aid to help promote sleep when used on its own as it may help improve your ability to fall asleep faster. A combination of Hops and Valerian may improve sleep latency which is the time to fall asleep, your quality of sleep quality and provide a deep sleep. This helps to decrease disturbed sleep patterns and encourages an increase in healthy sleep patterns.

Often Sleep problems are associated with stress and a special Withania extract called KSM-66® - Ashwagandha has been included in the formula to help relive stress in the body.

Total Sleep 30 Tabs

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